July 12, 2024

Tragedy occurred this morning in the newly constructed Aspire-2 building behind Gujarat University in Ahmedabad when the platform suddenly collapsed while centering the lift.

In which 7 people have died while 1 person is injured. Laborers from Devgarh Baria area of ​​Dahod district were working in the newly constructed building.In this incident, it was not known before who fell in which place. When the family members and the present laborers checked around, they found that two men fell outside and the other fell in the lift. Following which Divyabhaskar reached the spot and tried to find out what really happened. Only 1 survivor knows how this happened. But now he is not in a position to speak.

Pankaj, the only witness to the tragedy, writhes in pain, unable to speak Injured laborer Pankaj Kharadi, the only one of the 8 to survive the accident, was brought to Sola Civil Hospital for treatment. Divyabhaskar tried to talk to Pankaj Kharadi, who was on a stretcher. But blood stains were seen on his face. His leg was injured. He suffered a fracture in his right leg.He fell from the 8th floor and was so injured that he was writhing in pain. Tried to ask how the incident happened. But he was in so much pain that he could not speak.

Somabhai cried and said I lost my son and nephew Two laborers named Ashwin Nayak and Sanjay Nayak, residents of Devgarh Baria have also died in this accident. Divyabhaskar had a conversation with Sombhai Nayak, father of deceased Ashwin Nayak. In the morning we were doing labor work in the adjacent building when there was a loud noise and when we went there we came to know and reached there.The hour passed and after checking the elevator, it was discovered that the men were there. My son Ashwin Nayak and nephew Sanjay Nayak have died in this incident.