July 12, 2024

Different in Changodar factory Medicines were counterfeited

A quantity of fake medicine was caught being supplied across the country

Expensive antibiotics were copied in Pharmachem

The State Food and Drugs Department raided a factory manufacturing fake drugs in Changodar. This medicine was sent to the country including Jaipur, Indore, Mumbai. 1.25 crore including 9 different fake medicines, machinery, packing material were seized in this raid. Commissioner of Food and Drugs Department Dr. Hemant Koshia said, met about the drug strip Based on the message, the Pharmachem company was raided. Company owner Divyesh Jagani sold aziomycin at higher prices along with paracetamol using the name and license number of a company in Uttarakhand. and manufactured counterfeit drugs such as antibiotics such as amoxicillin. Along with Divyesh Jagani, Naresh Dhanwadia of Paikun Pharma has been found to be supplying quantity of fake medicine across the country.

250Mg written on the strip, the content was only 70Mg

The Food and Drugs Department conducted on-site testing of one drug containing zero, 14 mg of azithromycin-250 mg and only 70 mg of the 500 mg drug. Such low-potency antibiotics develop resistance in the patient, so people are likely to be harmed by taking this fake medicine.