April 13, 2024

4 students from Palanpur and 2 students from Deodar who were trapped in Ukraine returned

As soon as the smile of Palanpur trapped in Ukraine arrives, welcome from Dholnagara, said putting his life in danger, ran across the border in the space between two buses ..!

Six more students from the district have returned to their homeland after suffering conflicts in Ukraine. The Deputy Mamlatdar of Palanpur Disaster Department said that under Operation Ganga, the children are being kept safe from Ukraine through the efforts of the Government of India. So far 9 students from Palanpur have reached home while other children are expected to reach in 4-5 days.

The only Palanpur student is currently trapped in a bunker in Kharkiv. And Smit Bhil from Palanpur was greeted by the people of Brahman Vas area as well as his family members with joyful drum beats. Other relatives went to Ahmedabad to take Smit. Emotional scenes were created.
“We arrived at the Romania border in the same way as the other children, but with two to three thousand students standing there, we were worried about when our number would come, so we decided to risk six students and the Volvo passing.” They decided to run with the bus, grabbing each other’s bags in the empty space between them
The last two friends left and stayed there. After landing in Delhi, there was a train, but in order not to make the long journey, we boarded a domestic flight at our own expense and landed in Ahmedabad, where Mama came to pick us up.

Piyush of Deodar – 55 km in 3 degree cold. Walked away Piyush Rayamalbhai Chaudhary of Raiya of Deodar was Ukraine for 4 years. On 26 February, the bus was crowded at the border and the students disembarked and walked 55 km to the Poland border. The night between minus 3 degrees Celsius was spent in which Piyush did not return and his family members who were trapped at the border were also worried.

In which Piyush Chaudhary also became emotional of the family returning to his village Raiya when the Government of India started Mission Ganga to bring back the students on an immediate basis. Piyush said that day and night have passed between minus 3 degree temperature.

Taksh Modi of Palanpur stayed with his grandmother in Ahmedabad Daksh Modi,

who landed at Ahmedabad airport, considered it more appropriate to stay with his grandmother instead of coming to Palanpur. The family members said that Daksh has been there due to excessive anxiety of the grandmother.