June 25, 2024

In Naroda, the young man threatened to make the photos viral if the woman did not get involved

The young man used to come to learn work at the customer service center office

AHMEDABAD: A business woman with an office called Customer Service Center in the Naroda GIDC area of ​​the city was threatened by a young man who came to her to learn how to work, threatening to make the woman’s photos go viral and threatening to kill her. Not only that, he went to the woman’s house and had a fight with her husband. In this regard, the woman has filed a complaint against the youth in the Naroda police station.

A 42-year-old woman residing in Naroda runs a business in the Naroda GIDC area of ​​a bank named Customer Service Kendra. A man named Harish used to come to his office to deposit money and learn the workings of the customer service center, so the woman got to know him.

Last January 4th, when the woman was present in the office, Harish came and said why are you not talking to me and have a relationship with me? They had a fight saying why they refuse to keep it. When the woman refused to fight him, he threatened that if you don’t talk to me and unblock my mobile, I will send your photos to everyone and burn your office.

He also threatened to kill the woman if she did not continue talking. While leaving, Harish said that if you talk about this to anyone, I will kill your husband too. After some time, the woman’s husband received a call who said that Harish came out of our house and threatened me that you should tell your wife why you have blocked my mobile number.

After that, Harish quarreled with the woman’s husband and killed two or three people and threatened to kill the woman’s family. In this regard, the woman filed a complaint against Harish in the Naroda police station and the police have registered a case and are investigating.