July 12, 2024

Recording by phone in police station not a crime: Court

Police crackdown on video making in Umra police station

Five years ago, the court raised questions against the performance of the police while acquitting the two accused involved in the crime of making a video in the Umra police station and making it viral. The court in its judgment said that the police station has filed a case against the accused of this work by interpreting the provisions of the law in a way that suits them. They are not given any authority or right by law to do so. BEHIND COLLECTOR BUNGALOW Some youths engage in nasty flirtations and even get addicted to ganja. On receiving such information, the police arrived and the accused named Jaikishan Ratho and Kumar Suresh Jain were brought to the police station, where the latter was pardoned.

Later, Devesh was allowed to go but when he came back to get the mobile phone, five videos of the police station were found in his mobile phone and they were also made viral. Hence, a case was registered against the accused under the IT Act.

NC crime though no court permission is sought

The prosecution raised the issue that the permission of the court was not taken despite the NC offence. The court in the judgment noted that although there is NC offense against the accused, they have registered the offense in total violation of law and illegal abuse of power. The evidence presented by the prosecution has not proved the fact that doing videography in the police station or recording video with a mobile phone is a crime. Such a recording. It is believed that video clipping by mobile recording does not become a crime when it is not a crime to do so.