February 21, 2024

Taral Bhatt froze 100 bank accounts after his transfer to Junagadh

After completion of 4 days remand will be produced in court today

The then PCB PI Taral Bhatt was transferred to Junagadh on charges of involvement in the Madhupura cricket betting racket. ATS investigation revealed that Taral Bhatt had illegally frozen 100 bank accounts in the period of one and a half years when the Junagadh attack was caught. ATS is collecting the information of all those account holders and soon the inquiry will be started by calling those account holders

Junagadh blast accused Junagadh suspended PI Taral Bhatt, SOG PI A.M. After a complaint of vandalism was lodged against Gohil and ASI Deepak Jani, the investigation of this case was handed over to ATS. ATS team arrested Taral Bhatt and remanded him for 4 days. It ends on Tuesday. During this 4-day investigation, ATS came to know the details that 386 bank accounts were opened by Junagadh SOG under the guise of liquor-gambling drive.

were frozen. One of the accounts belonged to Karthik, the victim of vandalism. But these 386 bank accounts were officially frozen for different crimes. But Taral Bhatt illegally froze 100 bank accounts in a year and a half after the Junagadh posting. ATS is currently collecting all these bank account information. However, after getting the information of the hosts, all of them will be called to the ATS office. In which his bank account was frozen for what reason and the frozen bank

How much money did Taral Bhatt take from which owner to unfreeze the account? As Bhatt’s remand ends on Tuesday, the ATS team will take him to Junagadh. However, even now, Taral Bhatt’s pen drive, 3 mobile phones, laptop are still to be seized. So the ATS team will demand further remand of Bhatt. Bhatt had conspired to freeze the bank accounts of cricket betting betting individuals and extort 40 to 50 percent of the money deposited in their bank accounts by threatening them.

The authority to freeze-unfreeze a bank account should therefore vest with the superior officer of the DCPC

In the same way, the authority to release the location or CDR of any person rests with the DCP or higher officer. Similarly, the authority to freeze-unfreeze the bank account should be with the DCP or above. However, some senior police officers have also presented to the Home Department on this issue.