June 25, 2024

Today on World Health Day, a huge cycle rally was organized in the interest of society

Environment, Health, Save Fuel Make bicycle a friend with you Social Service and Research Institute President Dr. Rashmi Shukla On Health Day, a cycle rally was organized in Prayagraj, in which Dr. Rashmi Shukla, President of the Institute of Social Services and Research, addressed that we have to protect the environment and walk by bicycle. We, schools, offices, markets use cycles everywhere. This will benefit us, the environment will be protected and fuel will also be saved. Dignitaries of many institutions in the program Citizens were present. In which Ranjana Gulati, President of All India Mahila Parishad said that we and children, young and old, all should use cycles. While addressing the poet, Dr. Vandana said that our nature will not get polluted and our health will also be good. Bicycle will also save money.

Many more benefits are available through cycles We all know the benefits of cycles very well, so we all should use cycles . Many eminent members and office bearers of Rotary Allahabad were present. Who had full cooperation in the rally Modi for PM Mission 2024 and Nehru Gram Bharti, the entire student body was present. This rally went from stone church to Subhash intersection of civil line and ended again after coming to the church. The students of Vatsalya Hospital, Vatsalya School carried awareness slogans. In which It was written, ride a cycle, be healthy, ride a cycle, reduce obesity, save the environment, walk on a cycle, save fuel, ride a cycle. CA Sudhir Kumar Shukla, Anushree Shukla, Chitrangad Shukla, Ratna etc. were present.

(Social worker Dr Rashmi Shukla Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh)