April 13, 2024

Nizar Po.Ste. Complaint against Sarpanch and journalist,

The so-called fourth pillar of the country was thwarted by the sarpanches. Complaint lodged in writing in Tapi SP office against Sarpanch who tried to suppress the journalist by filing a false application in search of evidence and asking him to file a complaint after the dear dear PSI of Nizar police station, who was requesting money at Nizar police station, submitted evidence. Given.If justice is not given to the journalist of Velda village, application letter will be given in his support in every district. Today, the sarpanch who threatened to go to the house of a journalist and take advantage of his position to kill the journalist, then who is Jim Dari? There is a demand from the journalists to give police protection to the journalist and push the sarpanch behind the bars if such thugs run the state.

The Sarpanch of the village tried to force the police to lodge a complaint against the journalist through the villagers living in his favor in a one-sided village. The sarpanch people and the crowd supporting the truth were disappointed and had to return …

15 to 20 people along with the sarpanch went to the journalist’s house seeking RTI information and threatened the journalist’s wife and his family in a written complaint at the Nizar police station.

A complaint has been lodged with the Tapi DSP’s office and the Nizar police attestation with evidence that the sarpanch had demanded Rs 10 lakh from a journalist seeking information under the RTI Act.

A complaint has been lodged at the Nizar police station against a journalist living in Velda village for seeking RTI information in Deola Sarwala gram panchayat of Nizar taluka of Tapi.

Husband of plaintiff Anusayaben Hitendrabhai Naik, who is working as a news channel journalist, when he asked for RTI information on Deola, Sarwala, Piplod, Vyaval and Higani gram panchayats, the sarpanch came home with false allegations and kicked the door of Sandas bathroom. The sarpanch, who threatened to kill the plaintiff and his mother-in-law by pushing my cheek and bringing them to the Nizar police station, brought about 15 ladies and 15 Jesse to the house and made a fuss with such insult. The accused Dhanraj S Bhil J Devala Sarpanch and Yogesh S Magre Sarwala Sarpanch committed the crime and a complaint was lodged at the Nizar police station.