May 29, 2024

Dairy-related Maldhari strike, so much milk wasted in the river

face. Protests are being organized by the people of Maldhari community at Surbhi Dairy in Adajan, Surat in Gujarat. The protesters spilled hundreds of liters of milk in the Tapi river that flows through here. At the same time, sabotage has also been reported from the dairy. CCTV footage of the protest by the mob has surfaced. At the same time, many protesters are seen spreading milk in large quantities.

Maldhari Samaj strike

people told that there was a shortage of milk in their place since morning. Milk shops have been closed, while stores are out of stock. Due to which people are facing problems. Meanwhile, the incident of vandalism came to light in Surabhi Dairy in Adajan, a crowd of people gathered and vandalized. There was a ruckus due to the announcement of milk strike by Maldhari society.In the afternoon, news came that some people had entered and vandalized Surbhi Dairy located in Adajan area. When the demolition started in Maldhari’s own dairy, there was an atmosphere of chaos.

Milk shortage in the city In many places

in the state, the anger of the Maldhari society is widespread on the call for milk strike. There is a protest by the landlords to place their demands before the government and fulfill them. Since yesterday, efforts were being made by the Maldhari society to ensure that milk does not reach the people. Today the sale of milk was strictly prohibited and the milk was thrown into the hot river. Earlier, at some places, Sumul was threatened to return the milk by stopping the tempo sent by Dairy.

Hundreds of liters of milk spilled in the river

the early morning, the protesters climbed the bridge in the Dabholi Jahangirpura area and started pouring milk into the Tapi river. Milk cans were also thrown in the Tapi river. There was a line of people standing on the Dabholi bridge with boxes. One after the other, the people of Maldhari society were seen emptying the milk cans in the water of the river with their vehicles. An old man told that, the people of Maldhari society had made preparations yesterday itself for this not to reach the people in the city.After that the vehicles associated with the dairy started being stopped. The tempo arriving at the milk centers was also sent back.