February 20, 2024

Tera Tuj Ko Arpan: Court push gives up hope but police recovers stolen jewelery after 23 years

1372 stolen vehicles, jewelery and cash recovered worth 33.22 crores returned to owner

The police has launched a ‘Tera Tuj Ko Arpan’ program to return stolen items to their original owners. In which, in four months, the police has returned vehicles, jewelry, cash worth Rs.33.22 crores to the original owners. In which jewelry worth Rs.60 thousand stolen from the youth’s house 23 years ago was returned. 50-year-old Abdul Hameed Sheikh, who became emotional after finding the person in front of the police and returning the jewelry, told ‘Divya Bhaskar’ that we had given up hope of getting back the jewelry after being pushed by the court for five years.

He further said that 23 years ago, when he was living in Danilimda, jewelery worth Rs.60 thousand was stolen from his house. He filed a police complaint regarding that. After being pushed by the court for almost five years, he gave up hope as there was no possibility of getting the jewelry back. When At present he had come to live in Shah Alam. A few days ago, the police came to the house looking for him and said that your jewelry has been found and should be returned to you, so you should come to Danilimda police station. Thanking the police for getting back our stolen jewelery after all these years. Police Commissioner G.S. Malik said that in four months, 55 thousand liters of country liquor and 6 lakh worth of foreign liquor including liquor worth Rs.8.15 crore have been destroyed. While 1372 vehicles worth Rs.20.34 crore stolen under this program have been returned to the owners.