February 21, 2024

After cataract operation in Radhanpur hospital, 7 patients suffered from blindness, 5 shifted to Ahmedabad

7 patients suffered from blurred vision, swelling, eye redness

While the Mandal scandal is still under discussion, the Health Department has started an investigation following the incident of low vision of 7 patients after undergoing cataract surgery at Sri Maneklal Nathalal Vakharia Sarvodaya Eye Hospital in Radhanpur, Patan. 5 out of 7 patients have been shifted to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for further treatment.

A total of 13 patients underwent cataract surgery on February 2. After this, 7 patients had eye swelling, eye redness and blurred vision. The trustees of the hospital said that this problem occurred due to the side effects of the medicine.

A total of 13 patients were operated, due to suspected drug side effects

Specific cause of eye infection Inquiry has been initiated to know: Additional Director Additional Director of Health Department Dr. Nilam Patel said that after the operation at Radhanpur, the patients complained of increasing eye problems, so the patients were referred to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. The cause of these problems is being investigated. 6 patients discharged after operation No complaint of eye trouble: CDMO

CDMO Chaudhary of Patan said that 6 patients were discharged. No complaint of any kind of eye problem has been received from these patients. The patients who suffered have been shifted to Ahmedabad after treatment at the local level.

Infections in patients are low In civil primary care, 10 patients are still admitted in civil eye hospital for treatment of infection after cataract surgery in Nidhan Mandal hospital. At that time, after cataract surgery in a hospital in Radhanpur, five patients were admitted to the civil hospital’s septic ward due to infection.Here he is being treated with antibiotic injections and eye drops. However, the infection in these five patients is slightly less severe than in the mandal patient, and they are less visible, so that treatment results are faster. is likely.