June 25, 2024

Valentine’s Day Special: Wife provides noble example of love in Surat, gave 70% liver to save husband’s life

We may have heard of many cases of breakup and love, but in the rare case of a wife giving her liver to save her husband’s life, the true definition of love is an example of unbreakable love between the two. The forum wanted the couple to get to know each other better before they got married, and then two years later the two fell in love. The love of Forum and Shiren Anjirwala living in Surat has become a perfect example of inspiration for today’s youth.

Shiren said he is building a career in the IT sector. While the forum was working in the field of insurance. The two met in 2005. After the marriage, their love grew day by day. But in the year 2020, when Corona’s cases were at their peak, Shiren’s health deteriorated. She was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

There is no alternative but to have a liver transplant, the forum said. Doctors said we would have to have a liver transplant and there was a possibility of an infection in the corona, so we registered for a liver transplant. But there was a long wait.

70 percent of the liver was given to the husband
The forum further stated that the doctor advised that even a live donor could donate a liver to Shiren. For this I started all my medical procedures that if my liver matched Shirin, I was also ready to have a transplant. I was overjoyed to have my liver matched in a medical examination. I came to believe that now my Shiren would survive.

I gave 70% of my liver to Shiren. She was treated at a Mumbai hospital, Shiren for 15 days and I for 7 days. I’m glad I can do anything for the one I love the most. To me Siren has a small gift of love. The love between the two of us is so inseparable that now after the heart they are also connected with the liver. I just want to give everyone the same message that the true gift of marriage is love, and the only thing we can do for love is to be a good couple.

Wife saves life husband
“My wife has saved my life, for which I am grateful,” she said. Suffered from liver disease. Liver transplants, on the other hand, would cost millions of rupees. My wife was worried about my health and expenses. But he bravely decided to face both of these problems and also donated his own liver And also raised money for all costs of treatment. The biggest problem we had for a liver transplant was money. Because it cost a lot. We were also worried about where we would get such a large amount. We had to sell our property even if our relatives helped us. Today, I’m glad I found a forum-like wife who revived me by giving me a lever without thinking about her own life.