May 29, 2024

Zip and Eco drivers flying the flag of traffic rules in Tharad

Gujarat Business Banaskantha

Picture: – Hardik Singh Rajput Tharad

Tantra in Tharad seems to be sitting in front of the eyes as if the ears are closed. Zip drivers in Tharad and those with Ikko seem to have no fear of Tantra

In Tharad, local train drivers carry passengers like sheep and goats, but the system does not seem to be visible to the people.
On the one hand there is talk of keeping social distancing due to corona, wear masks etc. while on the other hand drivers drive people in cars like sheep or goats,

If the bikers do not have a mask or helmet, the challan is issued by the system, it comes to the notice of the people of the system. People are being harassed on the top of the car and in other places without safety. If there is any accident then who is the answer?