May 29, 2024

Uttarakhand CM Dhami has promised Uniform Civil Code if BJP comes to power again

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Saturday promised that if the BJP comes to power again in Uttarakhand, it will constitute a committee to draft a Uniform Civil Code, soon after its new government is sworn in. The panel will include legal experts, retirees, intellectuals and other stakeholders, the chief minister announced on February 14, the last day of campaigning for 70 assembly seats in the state. Related issues will be covered under the purview of the committee. He said in a video statement that marriage, divorce, real estate and succession.“This will be an important step towards fulfilling the dreams of the framers of the Constitution of India and will realize the spirit of the Constitution. It will also be an effective step towards Article 44 of the Constitution of India which seeks equal law for all citizens of the society. Presents the concept. Irrespective of their religion,” Dhami said in Hindi. He said that from time to time, the Supreme Court has also underlined the need for a Uniform Civil Code and expressed concern over no steps being taken in this direction.He said that the BJP government of Uttarakhand would take inspiration for this decision from Goa which has set an example in front of the country by implementing Uniform Civil Code. Dhami said that a Uniform Civil Code would promote social harmony and gender equality besides strengthening women empowerment.