April 13, 2024

Modi’s response to ‘UP’s Bhaiya’ issue: After Channi’s controversial statement about UP, Modi said that there is no village where UP does not have a brother from Bihar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday addressed a rally in Abohar, Punjab. On this occasion, he has responded to the statement of Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Channy. In which Channy mentioned the people of UP-Bihar. Modi said that Congress always fights the people of one region with another. The Congress CM made the statement and the Delhi family owner was clapping and laughing (sarcasm to Priyanka Gandhi). This is seen all over the country. Who is being insulted by such statements of his?

Modi said, there is no village here where brothers and sisters from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar do not work hard. Only yesterday we celebrated the birth anniversary of Saint Ravidasji. Saint Ravidasji was also born in Benaras, Uttar Pradesh. Congress says Bhaiya from Uttar Pradesh should not be allowed to enter. Will you expel Sant Ravidasji too? Shri Guru Gobindji was also born in Patna Bihar. The Congress says the people of Bihar should not be allowed to enter. Are those people insulting Shri Guru Gobind Singhji?

What is the whole matter?

During the campaign in Punjab yesterday, CM Channy of Punjab said that Punjab belongs to Punjabis …. No politics can be found here. This is coming from outside …. let him teach Punjabi. In this regard, Channy Mike Lai says that Bhaiya of UP, Bhaiya of Bihar, Bhaiya of Delhi can rule here. While Channy was uttering this sentence, Priyanka, who was sitting next to him, was clapping and laughing and shouting slogans herself. Priyanka arrived in Varanasi with Channy on the occasion of Ravidas Jayanti to attract Dalit voters.

He said that as per PM Farmers Honors Fund, Rs. 3700 crore has been deposited in the bank accounts of farmers of Punjab. It has benefited 23 lakh farmers in Punjab. Everywhere in the country, treatment is being given under the Lifelong India Scheme.

The Delhi government has not joined the scheme, so there is no cashless treatment facility up to Rs 5 lakh. If the people of Punjab get the facility of treatment in Delhi then why are they stuck in their stomachs. If the people of Punjab are not allowed to enter Delhi, why are they asking for votes in Punjab?

Give it a chance, sand and drug mafias will be gone. Narendra Modi said that there is a voice in the whole Punjab that this time BJP has to win so that there can be a double engine government. Which will lead to the fastest growth in Punjab. This will put an end to the sand and drug mafia. There will be industrial development in Punjab. He has asked the people of Punjab for a chance.

Congress and Aam Aadmi Party on target The PM’s target is the Congress and thus the Aam Aadmi Party. The PM has blamed the Congress for the riots at the Jalandhar rally. Later in the Pathankot rally, he said that if the Congress regains power, the security of Punjab will be in danger. He also besieged the Congress on the pretext of Kartarpur Sahib. The PM said that Congress got 3 chances but they could not keep Kartarpur only 6 km away in India.

The PM thus called the Aam Aadmi Party a carbon copy of the Congress. He said he formed the government together with the Congress. It is futile to expect them to make Punjab drug free.