April 13, 2024

Death of Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu: Family members leave for Punjab with Deep Sidhu’s body, Fence showers flowers on ambulance

Punjabi singer and actor Deep Sidhu died in a road accident near Sonipat on the night of February 15. At the request of Deep Sidhu’s brother, the police have registered a case in this regard. Police have registered a case against the unidentified drivers under the relevant provisions. Deep Sidhu’s body was taken to Sonipat Civil Hospital for postmortem. Meanwhile, fans showered flowers on the ambulance.

The truck driver fled the scene after the incident
Police, who arrived at the scene to investigate, said the crash happened between 8 and 8.30 pm. Deep Sidhu himself was driving the Scorpio at the time of the incident and he had an NRI friend with him. The truck-car collision was so violent at the time of the incident that the car was smashed to pieces and Deep Sidhu died on the spot. Sonipat SP Rahul Sharma told reporters that the driver was still absconding.

An initial police investigation revealed that while driving a Scorpio, Deep Sidhu suddenly saw a trolley parked there. He tried to turn the cart so that it would not collide with the trolley. However, his vehicle rammed into the back of the trolley from the driver’s side. Deep Sidhu was driving himself when he died on the spot. However, the police are currently investigating all the issues.

Reena Roy Mandamand survived
Deep Sidhu’s friend Reena Roy, who is in hospital, is in stable condition. He has received news of his death through social media. She is being treated at the hospital. Police and health workers tried to reach him. He said nothing though. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Reena’s statement will shed light on how the incident happened.

Chief Minister Channy and Bhagwant Mane expressed grief
His fans are saddened by the death of Deep Sidhu. Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channy has expressed grief over the death. Channy wrote on Twitter that he was saddened to learn of the tragic demise of famous actor and social activist Deep Sidhu. My condolences and Partha are with her family. On the other hand, MP Bhagwant Mane has expressed grief over the death.

Sidhu’s Delhi violence came to the fore later
Deep Sidhu’s name came up in the case of the agitation on the Delhi border against the three agricultural laws and the subsequent violence at the Red Fort. Born in April 1984 in Muktsar district of Punjab, Deep Sidhu started his career as a model. Deep has studied law. He was the winner of the Kingfisher Model Hunt.He also won the Mr Personality Award in the Mr India Contest. In the year 2015, his Punjabi film ‘Ramta Jogi’ was released. However, Deep became famous in the 2018 film Jor Das Nambariya, in which he played the role of a gangster.

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