April 13, 2024

Big revelation in pigeon racing: Mehsana pigeon fanciers have so far sent 30 families to US, collecting Rs 36 crore at a cost of Rs 1.20 crore per family.

A few days ago, a Gujarati family was frozen to death on the Canada border while trying to enter the United States illegally. After this tragedy, Gujarat Police has turned a blind eye to the pigeon fanciers who have been sent abroad illegally and arrested several people one after another.

In this case, Ahmedabad Crime Branch has arrested a pigeon fancier named Haresh Patel and exposed the illegal racket. Haresh Patel admitted in the interrogation that 28 to 30 families have been sent to America illegally. In which 60 to 65 lakhs are taken per person.

False passport made by false ID proof The crime branch was informed that Haresh Patel-Hardik Patel, Raju Prajapati and Shilpaben Patel, a pigeon fancier from Mehsana, were to be sent to the US illegally, for which they were made fake husband and wife. In which Rajendra Patel and Kamini Patel have forged passports through false ID proof.

As well as showing 2 children to their children and sending them with them. In the entire case, the crime branch arrested both the pigeon fancier and another agent from Ahmedabad, Rajat Chavda, and persons traveling to the US on fake documents.

Captured passbooks of accounts opened in several banks

In this regard, DCP of the crime branch Chaitanya Mandlik said that the crime branch has seized 78 passports, 44 Aadhaar cards, 13 election cards, 23 PAN cards and other documents from accused Haresh Patel.

Apart from this, the accused also seized from Rajat Chawda a rubber stamp of Union Bank, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Central Bank of India, Kavya Visa Consultancy and a passbook of a fake account opened in the bank.

Infiltrating America through Mexico

The interrogation of the accused revealed that the accused has so far illegally sent 28 to 30 families to America. In which 60 to 65 lakhs are taken per person. Two children were to be sent along, their parents had already been sent to America illegally.

The pigeon-flying syndicate granted temporary visas to European countries to enter the United States illegally, from where they infiltrated the United States through Mexico. Now the visa process is being strictly checked and infiltrated from Nigeria to Mexico and from there to America.

Thus caught the whole racket

Based on the input, Ahmedabad City Crime Branch Additional Commissioner of Police Premveer Singh and Deputy Commissioner of Police Chaitanya Mandalik directed legal action. Meanwhile, the police, with the help of technical resources as well as human intelligence, sought information from the passport officer of Ahmedabad about the documents submitted for the passport.

In which Raju Prajapati and Rajendra Bhikhabhai Patel were the number one Aadhaar card presented for making passport. However the address and date of birth were shown separately. The PAN card presented was also a photograph of the same person with different names, so that all the documents were found to be bogus.

The accused are passport agents for the last 3 years

The interrogation of the accused revealed the fact that Haresh Kumar Ambalal Patel and Hardik Patel have been working as passport agents for the last three years. To date, he has issued passports and visas to about 30 Indian nationals and sent them abroad.

Abroad sent two people this way

Accused Raju Prajapati and Shilpa Patel were approached by accused Haresh Patel and Hardik Patel as they were going to US. As both Raju and Shilpa were single, the two accused made their duplicate passports for the visa procedure to go to America as a family group.

Based on this, both of them were taken to Delhi for Nigerian visa and applied for visa. On the basis of this, they were in the process of obtaining a visa from Nigeria to Mexico and arriving at a US refugee camp from the US-Mexico border to be granted temporary American citizenship.

If there is a family, a charge of Rs

Haresh Patel, Hardik Patel and passport agent Rajat Chavda, who were involved in the racket, run the entire network through their Delhi-based agents above them. This includes a per capita income of Rs. 60 to 65 lakhs, while Rs. 1.20 crore to Rs. 1.30 crore.

Agents are responsible for everything from getting a duplicate passport from India to bringing a person or family out of a refugee camp in the USA or abroad. Payment is made only after the work has been completed. The entire investigation into the passport scam is being conducted by PSI AB Jebaliya under the supervision of PI DB Barad.

Discount is given if 3 members want to go If three members of a family, including a couple and a child, wanted to go to America, they would take a discount of Rs 1.20 crore to Rs 1.30 crore.

Created 2 child’s fake documents Raju Prajapati and Shilpa Patel were both single. Since they were both going to America, Haresh and Hardik made passports in the names of Raju’s Rajendra Patel and Shilpa’s Kamini Rajendra Patel and showed them as husband and wife. He also prepared documents of having 2 children.