May 29, 2024

Coal scandal in Gujarat! Coal scandal in Gujarat !: 6 million tonnes of coal extracted from mines Government officials and traders ‘disappear on the road’ scam of Rs 6,000 crore

Instead of handing over the coal from various coal mines of Coal India to the small and medium scale industries of Gujarat, the agencies nominated by the Gujarat government immediately sell it to the industries of other states and make meager profits. An investigation by Divya Bhaskar has revealed that for the last 14 years, these agencies have been involved in a scam of up to Rs 6,000 crore by selling coal in this manner.

According to documents, 6 million tonnes of coal has so far been sent to Gujarat traders from Coal India mines. At an average price of Rs 3,000 per tonne, the price goes up to Rs 1,800 crore. However, instead of selling this quantity of coal to the beneficiary small traders and small scale industries, the amount of Rs. Sold at a price of 8 to 10 thousand per tonne.

An estimated Rs 6,000 crore scam

The scam is being carried out in collaboration with agencies operating under the name of Dummy or which do not even exist and some officials of Gujarat Government. Divya Bhaskar’s investigation has revealed that a scam of up to Rs 6,000 crore has taken place so far behind this black business of coal, if we take a very narrow estimate.

Anil Jain, Secretary, Coal Ministry, Union Government, said, “Our role is fulfilled once the coal is handed over to the SNAs appointed by the state government.”

Home Department says action will be taken: Officer

In this regard, Coal India Director Satyendra Tiwari said that the appointment of agencies is the responsibility of the industry department of the state government. Any matter in this regard should be brought to the notice of the Home Department of the State Government, which should also include any evidence. Based on the information provided to us by the Home Department of the State Government, the concerned coal company will take necessary steps.

The accepted certification process is as follows A list is sent to Coal India every year from the Industries Department of the Government of Gujarat with details including the quantity of coal required for small scale industries in the state. This list is accompanied by a list of State Nominated Agencies (SNAs). SNA means the agency declared by the state government which is authorized by the state government to take coal from Coal India and deliver it to the beneficiaries of the state to small businesses – small traders.

Yes, in return for this work it can only levy service tax at the rate of 5% of the cost of transport and coal. Only then will small businesses and small traders, who have an annual requirement of 4,200 tonnes or less, have to make coal available at below market prices.

The designated agency’s claim was disproved in the cross-examination Ali Hasnain Dosani, director of the Gujarat Coal Coke Trade Association, an agency appointed by the Gujarat government, said, “We supply most of our coal to the textile industries of South Gujarat, so Divya Bhaskar approached Jitendra Vakharia of the South Gujarat Textile Processors Association.”Jitendra Vakharia said, “I have been in this business for 45 years. We have never had any coal under such a scheme. ‘

The Gujarat government sent a list of coal beneficiary industries, but he said coal was not found The industry at Shihor has been declared the beneficiary of Jai Jagdish Agro Industries. Jagdish Chauhan of Jai Jagdish Agro Industries told Divya Bhaskar, “I don’t even know if we get any coal from the government. So far we have not been contacted in this regard. We buy coal from the local market, “said Shanu Badami of A&F Dehydrate Foods.”We have never received any such coal. We buy most of the coal we need from GMDC mines or we buy imported coal. Coal is now expensive to us.

Now find out how this coal scandal happened in Gujarat The Government of India had formulated a policy in 2007 to make good quality coal available to small scale industries across the country at affordable rates. It was also implemented in the second year 2008. Under this policy, coal is brought through Coal India for the benefit of small scale industries of Gujarat. For which the quantity of coal is removed and dispatched from Coal India’s West Coal Field and South-East Coal Field as per order every month.Interestingly, the Gujarat government has to send a list of beneficiary industries of coal, the quantity of coal required for it, through which agency it will be obtained, this and all such information to Coal India. But Divya Bhaskar’s investigation has found the information sent to Coal India to be completely false.

The status of the agency appointed by the state government, Divya Bhaskar came up with these facts while inspecting the site. Kathiawar Coal Coke Consumers and Traders Association: The agency has stated the address of its registered office in a private complex at CG Road. The truth is that at the given address there is now a CA office, which has been running for the last four years.Before this complex was built, there was a magazine office here. Locals said the office of an organization-firm-company involved in the coal trade was not only in the office, but also nowhere in the entire complex.

Gujarat Coal Coke Trade Association: The agency has stated its office address in the Ellisbridge area of ​​Ahmedabad. We went there and found out that there is a trading agency ‘Black Diamond’ working in this place which is related to the coal trade. “We sell the entire quantity of coal to traders in South Gujarat,” said Hasnain Ali Dosani, owner of the agency. Saurashtra Brickweighting: The address of the third agency is shown at CG Road and when we went there we checked and found a travel agency working here.

The top official said – there is a lot of corruption An official who has been in the top position in Coal India said, “There is a lot of corruption in Gujarat. The Gujarat government really has to provide complete information to Coal India, but the Gujarat government has been manipulating this issue as well. Golmaal information is provided despite accurate information-description. ‘

Now understand who is involved in this scam Government of Gujarat: Accurate-certified information has to be provided on the website of Coal India to ensure transparency in the distribution and supply of coal. In other states, the task of bringing such coal is assigned by the concerned state to one of its own departments, while in Gujarat only a select few agencies have been appointed for years. Not only that, on Coal India’s website, other states have listed the amount of coal as per the financial year,Full name of the concerned agency / office, telephone number, e-mail address is given. While the Gujarat government has shown that it has fulfilled its duty by writing abcd, asdf, 999999999 in the name of the agency in the information department for a few years, then some officials of the Gujarat government are also involved in this scam.

The role of government-appointed agencies The agencies buy coal from Coal India every year in the name of beneficiary industries of Gujarat, but instead of giving it to the beneficiaries, they have made billions of rupees by selling it at high prices in the open market. It is possible that these agencies made fake bills for the game and also stole income tax, sales tax and GST.