May 29, 2024

The city now has only 9 patients under treatment, with a recovery rate of 99.20%

The city of Rajkot was corona-free yesterday. Not a single case was reported yesterday. Now the number of active cases is only 9. Also, the recovery rate so far is 99.20 percent. As well as the total number of cases has reached 63681. So far 17 lakh 48 thousand 619 people have been tested. As well as a positive rate of 3.64 per cent. Yesterday a patient was given a discharge beating the corona.

More than 20,000 cases were reported in the third wave

During the third wave, more than 20,000 cases were reported in Rajkot city. One day the positivity ratio increased to 30 per cent and the consecutive positivity ratio is more than 8 per cent which was much higher than the second wave. However, in most cases, more than 95% of the patients were cured in home isolation due to vaccination and only 5% of the patients needed hospital treatment.

In the third wave, a maximum of 99 patients were admitted

simultaneously Speaking of last year, the second wave was raging in March and the number of cases had increased by the end of March. One year later, in the beginning of March this year, the third wave has come to an end and life has begun to unravel again. The most important thing in the third wave was that the patients did not become very serious and did not require hospitalization. However a maximum of 99 patients were admitted simultaneously during the third wave.