June 25, 2024

In Rajkot, 40 employees of Circuit House, who have not been paid for two months, went on strike, chanting ‘No pay, no work’.

As many as 40 contract workers went on strike at a circuit house in the city center on Saturday evening, protesting against the non-payment of salaries by the contract firm and non-payment of salaries this month. Today is the second day of the strike. Today again the employees gathered in Patangan of Circuit House and expressed their indignation.

Gathered in Patangan of Circuit House and shouted slogans

As many as 40 contract workers, including a security guard, sweeper, room boy, pantry boy, receptionist and supervisor, have been on strike for two days. All the employees gathered on the same campus of the circuithouse and shouted slogans against the contractor. The new generation has won a three-month contract to supply employees to the circuithouse, employees said indignantly.

Alleged insolence demanding salary

The contractor was delayed in paying salaries to the employees from the first month after winning the contract with 27.5 per cent down tender.

A Circuit House official referred the matter to the executive engineer. But he also did not hear the grief of the employees. The strike was called by the workers until the exact date of pay was confirmed.