May 29, 2024

Kashmir files film tax free in three states including Gujarat, PM Narendra Modi praised the film

The state government has announced to declare Hindi film Kashmir Files tax free in Gujarat. He also clarified that the theater owners will have to implement it with immediate effect. Earlier, the Haryana government had declared the film tax free. After Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also made such an announcement.

It is also a question of how the ticket owners should benefit from the advance booking, as the ticket booking software also needs to be modified. The Gujarat government has given tax exemption to the film expressing the grief of Kashmir victims.

What did Abhishek say?

Abhishek shared the post and said that it was very nice to meet Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi. The visit was more special because he praised the film. Proud to produce this film. Thank you Modi.

Vivek Agnihotri shared Abhishek’s post saying, “Abhishek, I am very happy. You have dared to produce India’s most challenging truth. ‘

The film grossed Rs 12.05 crore in two days

The film, which was released on March 11, has grossed Rs 8.50 crore on its second day, said trade analyst Taran Adarsh. The film grossed Rs 3.55 crore on the first day. The film grossed 139.44% more on the second day. The film has grossed Rs 12.05 crore in two days.

Speaking on the occasion, Rakesh Patel, a member of the Gujarat Multiplex Association and owner of Wide Angle, said, “We welcome the announcement of the Gujarat government. He said that in Gujarat, Rs. 100s is 18% CST-GST.

As Gujarat government waived GST, 9% out of 18% was waived. Writing 9 per cent tax exemption on 100 gives the audience Rs. 9 will benefit. If the ticket rate is below Rs.100 / -, GST-CAT will be waived at 12% GST-CAT, so the audience will be charged Rs. 100 on a ticket of Rs. 6 will benefit.