April 13, 2024

US threat to China: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

China has been accused of helping Russia amid the Russia-Ukraine war. The United States, meanwhile, has threatened China. On Thursday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blink said the United States would punish Russia if it provided military assistance to Russia.

“China is trying to help Russia in the Ukraine war with military equipment,” Blink said. He made the remarks before a meeting between Xi Jinping and Biden on Friday. He said China would be held accountable for any action taken in support of Russia. If China does, we will not hesitate to take action.

China pretends to be neutral

We call on all countries to use whatever means they can to force Russia to end the war. We believe that China should use its influence to stop this war, but instead it is moving in the opposite direction. China has tried very hard to show itself neutral in this conflict.

There is a lot of speculation about the strategic relationship between China and Russia. It is believed that China already knew about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This war is proving to be dangerous for China. This is because he seems to be trying to support Russia by pretending to be neutral.

Blink said Chinese officials appear to be repeating the allegations made by Russia. For example, it is alleged that the US has a biological lab in Ukraine, which could be used against Russia.

China says sanctions on Russia hurt developing countries

China’s envoy to the UN, Zhang Jun, has warned of sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations. Zhang said on Thursday that the use of sanctions against Russia during the global economic recovery was a wrong move. Sanctions will not solve any problem, but new problems will arise.

“This will increase the food and energy crisis in developing countries,” Zhang said. It will harm the livelihood of the people. China supports global community’s goal of a ceasefire in Ukraine. We hope that all parties will make more efforts to facilitate peace talks, not add fuel to the fire.