May 29, 2024

President Zhelensky has also praised the missing woman journalist who protested the attack on Ukraine in an ongoing broadcast on a TV channel.

A Russian woman journalist who protested the attack on Ukraine live on TV news is now missing, according to her lawyer. Marina Ovasyanikova, 44, is also the editor of the Russian station Channel One. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

What Marina Ovasyanikova did

Marina Ovyasnikova showed a poster protesting the attack on Ukraine on Monday on Russia’s Channel One during a news broadcast. Behind the woman reading the news she shouted loudly with a poster saying ‘No war, stop war. Don’t believe the propaganda, these people are lying to you. ‘ It is worth mentioning here that television news is closely monitored by the government in Russia and the channels broadcast information only in favor of Russia.

Where is this lady

It is a mystery where this woman named Ovasyanikova is now. According to OVD-Info, an independent Russian human rights group, her friends say that Ovyasnikova is currently in the custody of the Moscow Police Department. However, her lawyer, Dmitry Zakhavatov, said she was nowhere to be found. We haven’t found it yet. However we are constantly looking for it.

What is the reaction from the people?

Ovsyanikova has become a role model for some, and President Zelensky of Ukraine said on Tuesday that he was grateful to the citizens of Russia who have not stopped trying to tell the truth, are fighting against false information and telling the truth to their friends and loved ones. Stating the fact. “I personally thank the lady who entered the Channel One studio with a poster against the war,” he added.

Who is Ovasyanikova?

Ovasyanikova’s mother is from Russia and her father is from Ukraine. “My father is from Ukraine, my mother is from Russia,” he said in a telegram. And they have never been the enemy.