July 12, 2024

Crackdown on drugs mafia in Ahmedabad: House of MD drugs mafia Amina Don was demolished. Watch the video

Ahmedabad’s infamous lady drug dealer Don Amina Daryapupar had a rampant trade in illegal drugs for the past several years. The police commissioner’s investigation revealed that Amina’s business flourished under Mukesh Chaudhary’s Rahmanjar. However, under the supervision of the corporation and the police, Amina built a large building and set up a base in it, and the police used to sit there. Apart from that, the girls from the hifi house also used to come there. In that, the SOG caught the lady don in a red dress.Eventually the Joint Commissioner of Police ordered the demolition of the illegal drug den building built under the supervision of the Corporation and the local police as part of the crackdown.

A few days ago lady don Ganati and old drug dealer Amina living in Daryapur area of ​​the city were arrested in the MD drugs case. The SOG team then conducted an investigation in the old warehouse floor of lady drugs dealer Amina. During the investigation, a mobile phone and a note were found in his house.

Even after the woman was earlier caught in drugs and was sentenced to 10 years, she was selling MD drugs under the watchful eye of police station in Daryapur. Still many illegal activities are flourishing within the limits of Daryapur Police Station.

DCP approval is required for buildings of more than 3 floors in Kot area

Drugs mafia Amina don was selling drugs on a large scale and most of the special men of all the police top brass used to hang out at Amina’s place and they turned a blind eye in the business of ruining this young generation. It cannot be denied that some policemen eat Malai. In that case, a building can be constructed only if the DCP has an opinion for constructing a building in the Kot area, so if Amina constructed a building for such a big drug business, a private investigation has been conducted to see if the DCP had given permission.Why the then Zone-4 DCP gave the permission has become a matter of debate. Talking about the unconstitutionality of construction, the police does not give permission to the common people and despite the anti-drugs government in Gujarat, there is a discussion among the people that it is not acceptable for the drug mafia to construct a building without the permission of the government.

Earlier, a bootlegger’s house was also demolished in Jamalpur on the orders of Zone 3 DCP Sushil Agarwal a few days ago.