April 13, 2024

The local police remained dormant and the liquor godown was seized before the raid by the state vigilance team on December 31.

Before st, the State Monitoring Cell in Rajkot has detained two accused with quantity of liquor and suspected chemicals from a factory in Nawagam. The state monitoring cell has once again exposed the laliawadi of the police. In which the mini factory of foreign liquor has been seized and the nose of the local police has been cut off. Questions have been raised against the performance of the local police in taking over the factory located 200 meters from Kuwadwa police station in the state monitoring cell. Along with liquor, suspected chemical was also seized

A major action has been taken in Rajkot before December 31. The State Monitoring Cell raided and seized a bustling foreign liquor mini factory from Nawagam Industrial area of ​​Rajkot. Many questions have also been raised among the people who have seized liquor so close to the police station. It is important that earlier in Rajkot people raided in the matter of liquor. Later today in the raid of SMC, quantity of liquor was found in plastic parcel packing.

In addition, along with alcohol, suspected chemicals have also been seized. Not only this, the police officer also said that the liquor bottles were being refilled. While 2 accused involved in this case have also been detained.

A quantity of liquor was seized from the packing of the plastic parcel

In the case of seizure of a liquor godown in Rajkot, the police have revealed that Rohit Vora and Hasmukh Sakoria are the owners of the godown. Moreover, preliminary police investigation has revealed that these two persons are residents of Hadmatia village. Further, during the investigation, the owner of the godown deposed that he had kept the godown for battery water. Subsequently, the FSL team has also reached the incident site and joined the investigation in this case.