May 29, 2024

Brutal murder of wife: Ex-husband stayed at woman’s house in Vatwa, Ahmedabad, died in current husband’s lap

A woman has been killed by a sharp weapon in the Vatwa area of ​​Ahmedabad. The woman was previously divorced. After that, she was living with another young man by performing fulhar in the temple. Keeping enmity, a woman and two young men reached the woman’s house. In this incident, the woman was held by a young man. While another youth was stabbing indiscriminately.After this incident, when the present husband of the woman reached there, he asked the woman, saying that her ex-husband had attacked her, and the wife died in her husband’s lap. The Vatva police have registered a case of murder and are investigating the incident.

The deceased was divorced a year ago According to the information received from the police sources, Mahesh Thakore filed a complaint in the Vatwa Police Station that he has been living with a woman named Hema Marathi in a rented house near Vijol, Vatwa for the last 11 months. Hema was earlier married to a young man named Ajay Thacker. He has two children. A year ago, Hema and Ajay got divorced. After that, her two children live with Ajay.

All fled in the car leaving Hema in a bloody condition Hema kept shouting, Je Ajay tu me na mara but the young man kept stabbing her. Meanwhile, they all fled in the car. When Mahesh reached home, Hema tried to take care of him in a bloody condition. But Hema finally said in Mahesh’s lap that Ajay has killed me and Hema is dead

Yesterday evening’s incident On the evening of August 4, Mahesh Thakor was working in his shop while Hema was at home. At that time, Ajay and a man and a woman with him reached his house in an Echo car. At that time, when a noise started suddenly, the woman living near her came there and saw that one young man was holding Hema and another young man was stabbing Hema. Another woman was sitting in the car.

A crime of murder was registered against the ex-husband After this incident, Mahesh informed the Vatva police about Hema’s murder. The police have shifted Hema’s body to the hospital for postmortem. When after the husband’s complaint, a case of murder has been registered and efforts have been started to arrest the accused.