June 25, 2024

57,000 liquor found in kitchen basement in Vadnagar, video goes viral

While thousands of rupees worth of liquor is confiscated in the state on a daily basis under the claim of ban on alcohol in Gujarat, now alcohol has been seized in Vadnagar, the mother of PM Modi.

An estimated Rs 57,000 worth of liquor was seized in a raid by the State Monitoring Cell on February 14 and 15. The liquor was seized from the house of Bharatji Gemarji Thakor, a resident of Gopnath Paru, Torniawad, Vadnagar.

The State Monitoring Cell, which did not find any alcohol in the house, was also skeptical of the informant’s information, but later found a basement under the kitchen washbasin of the house and the officers seized the alcohol during an in-depth investigation.

The monitoring cell seized two mobile phones worth Rs 5,500 and cash worth Rs 17,600 crore during the raid. Apart from this Rs. IMFL bottles and tins worth Rs 56,580 were also seized. Bharatji Thakor has been arrested and two accused have been made wanted in the case.

A video of the raid of the State Monitoring Cell in Vadnagar has also come out in which we can see that the investigating officers are extracting alcohol from the basement of the kitchen.